Do you have new title team members who could use training on how to prepare commitments & policies? Do you have other team members who could use a refresher on how title production occurs in CCE? 

This 2-hour training webinar will cover the basics of commitment and policy preparation. Topics covered will include how to lookup and use Standard Language, how to calculate title premiums, and bullet functionality. Additionally, attendees will receive tips, tricks and troubleshoots as well as best practice advice. 

Please note, this training will be conducted in listen only mode. However, participants may ask questions via the Q&A feature in Go To Webinar and our trainer will answer as many of the attendee questions as time permits.

Below is information that we would suggest you review as you prepare for your training webinar:

  1. Please make sure to type your email address correctly on your registration form, as the links to the webinar will not get to you if your email address is not correct.
  2. Training will begin promptly at the scheduled time, so please make sure to login to both the webinar and the phone line 20 minutes ahead of time to ensure time to deal with any technical issues.
  3. Please make sure your IT policy allows you to download a Citrix Receiver and your pop-up blocker is not blocking the download.
  4. If you are having trouble getting into the Webinar, you may want to try accessing it from another browser, such as Google Chrome.
  5. The RamQuest Training & Support Team is unable to provide technical support for Go To Training or Go To Meeting or Go To Webinar, but you also will find technical assistance here:
  6. No refunds will be given for pre-paid trainings, but if you are unable to make your scheduled training, your payment can be applied toward a future training.