The hosted environment for RamQuest One!

As a title and settlement professional, your focus should be on your business, not on the hassle of ongoing IT concerns. op2's hosting service can help!

op2 is a hosted environment for RamQuest One, our title and settlement production solution, that conforms to all of the ALTA Best Practices standards for an IT environment. It is designed to offer the highest level of security, availability and redundancy for your RamQuest software in the title and settlement industry today.

How does RamQuest on op2 work?
RamQuest on op2 works similarly to RamQuest on a local network, but without the high cost of “in-house” IT equipment and personnel. op2 hosts both of RamQuest’s title production solutions, the proven Complete Closing Suite and the new, technologically advanced RamQuest One, remotely so you don’t have to run them on your own servers.

Accessing your RamQuest software is simple because with op2 you have a “virtual office”. By harnessing the power of Citrix, op2 gives you access to your RamQuest software from anywhere – the office, home, a closing, or on the beach – that you have internet access. 

Additionally, op2 offers the convenience of hosting your Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook (with email encryption).  This allows for full drag and drop functionality as well as the ability to send email (encrypted or not) directly from a file inside of your RamQuest solution.

Best of all, op2 acts as your RamQuest administrator, eliminating the overhead associated with having someone administer your RamQuest software.

Why wouldn’t I want to have my own network?
Hosting your own software on your own network or on a public cloud is something you can do but you should ask yourself, “Do I really want this responsibility?”.

The op2 environment is a self-contained, private cloud, owned by a national underwriter. Under the CFPB requirements, lenders are responsible for 4th party infrastructure – this will start with title and settlement providers and extend all the way to their selected hosting providers. Lenders will demand the security and responsibility that a private cloud that is wholly owned and backed by a national underwriter offers.

With the op2 hosted solution, there are no upfront licensing fees and you can add or remove licenses as needed, with no penalty. With op2, all you need is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection so you will significantly reduce your IT overhead and no longer have to maintain a physical network. And, acting as your RamQuest software administrator, op2 will test and install all software upgrades and patches for you, taking away the hassle of system administration.

And op2 does all of this for one inclusive price! 

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