Tell us about your unique requirements.

RamQuest offers the most comprehensive title and settlement production solution in the industry but we understand that our customers many times will have unique requirements that require additional assistance. Regardless of the requirements of your operation, RamQuest will work with you to determine the right solution.

Custom Development
Although our solution covers all of the functionality that you need in your business, we understand that in some cases your uniqueness requires special attention. RamQuest utilizes a "streamlined" development methodology that promotes good communications and rapid development.

Custom Reports
RamQuest realizes every customer's reporting requirements are unique and our SQL Server Database allows a variety of methods in developing customized reporting to resolve your unique needs. We have developed reports using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Custom Delphi Programs and we are committed to providing a quality product and we have the flexibility needed to adjust to your unique requirements.

Data Conversion
RamQuest has developed a variety of conversion programs and processes that eliminate the confusing and lengthy conversion cycles that typically accompany data conversion. The RamQuest product line is supported by a SQL Server database that is known for its "openness" and "ease" for accepting data from outside sources.

Document Conversion
RamQuest understands that every company in the industry has unique documents used in their business today. RamQuest has a team of specialists that know Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect and have the skills and knowledge to convert or develop any document that you may need.

Other Services
Our team has a strong technical background and enjoys working to help our customers meet needs, maximize capability, push business boundaries and increase the efficiency of your operation. Some of our services are outlined below or ask us if you have a need but don't see it listed here!

Server Health Review
Over time, you apply upgrades and patches to RamQuest applications and documents in order to maximize efficiencies and enhance effectiveness for your title company. As these upgrades and patches are applied, save folders are created for purposes of providing a roll-back path and are not removed. These folders can be of considerable size and can contribute to the unnecessary use of hard drive space and our Server Health Review offers an easy way to quickly identify and remove these unnecessary legacy folders and free up much needed hard drive space for your server.

Multiple Site Setup
PaperlessCloser offers the ability to set up multiple websites and portals that utilize a single Complete Closing installation. The benefit of multiple site setup is that the configuration file and pages can be customized for each site so that certain fields are displayed. The Multiple Site Setup Service offers an easy way to quickly implement this feature and offer it to your agents!

PaperlessCloser Security Review
As the "Online Storefront" component of RamQuest One, PaperlessCloser™ allows users to instantly publish documents and data to a secure website for viewing by any authorized party. Title companies can also receive orders via the internet, and dramatically reduce the number of phone calls typically involved with closings. With the complexities involved in implementing and configuring a secure PaperlessCloser website, measures are necessary to ensure the prevention of sensitive content being indexed by Search Engines. Additional steps can be taken to isolate your PaperlessCloser server from outside hacker attacks by placing it inside a demilitarized zone (DMZ). The PaperlessCloser Security Review offers best-practice guidelines to incorporate Web security into your enterprise.

Server Move
Time constraints are no longer a problem and you can experience comfort in knowing that an expert has performed your server move correctly and that you will be up and running and in production on your new server quickly. If a move of your SQL Database is involved, a backup of your current database will be provided prior to the move for your total ease of mind.

Automated CCE Database Backup
With RamQuest's Automated CCE Database Backup Service you can be assured that your business will not be interrupted in a catastrophe that leaves your business crippled without a backup of your CCE Database necessary for a recovery. Our team will assist you in implementing an automated backup plan to ensure you have what is necessary to recover your SQL Database in the event of an untimely disaster.


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