The title and settlement industry has recently experienced significant changes and been forced to quickly implement practices that had previously been nothing more than distant plans. While these challenges have looked different for everyone, across the board they’ve served as a catalyst for new opportunities and an unprecedented, industry-wide move to incorporate eClosing into the closing process.

eClosing, at its most basic, is electronic execution of closing documents. Beyond this, the boundaries of eClosings are blurry and not well-defined. eClosing can take several forms and look different from company to company and region to region due, in large part, to a strong dependence on available technology and state regulations.


Here’s a look at the variety of ways RamQuest customer can execute eClosings with seamless integrations to our RamQuest title production solutions:

Remote Online Notary (RON):
A wholly electronic process where the integration of RamQuest’s production solution with your RON partner ensures an efficient transfer of information and secure document sharing.

Pavaso is leading the charge to change the mortgage closing process with their industry-leading remote online notary (RON) capability. The Pavaso RON solution provides the ultimate convenience by allowing signers to be virtually anywhere in the world to eSign closing documents, where they appear before the remote online notary to online notarize*, using two-way audio-video technology. The Pavaso RON technology is fully integrated with RamQuest's title production solutions, enabling RamQuest customers to perform RON closings without missing a beat! See Pavaso's technology for yourself:

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Want more information? Download this overview to understand how you can close digitally and remotely with Pavaso's RON technology.

SIGNiX's remote online notarization (RON) platform transforms the traditional in-person notary process into a seamless, completely remote operation using audio and visual technology. SIGNiX's RON technology is integrated with Closing Market so it's accessible from your RamQuest production solution and offers the following benefits:

Learn more about SIGNiX by watching this recorded webinar.

Remote Ink Notarization (RIN):
Integrates audio-video technology and remote notarization with wet-ink signatures to execute closing documents.

RamQuest’s production solutions are fully integrated with Pavaso’s Essential Notary to bring this innovative service to our customers. Pavaso's Essential Notary is an audio-video online notarization* solution that complies with certain state emergency mandates and requirements and enables you to safely and securely complete your operation's notary needs. Watch our on-demand Pavaso webinar where we demonstrate the ease of using this solution:

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Hybrid Approach:
Integrates eSigning for some or all documents up to the point of closing, where the remaining documents are signed with wet ink.

RamQuest’s ready2close supports this hybrid eClosing approach by enabling eSignatures for non-notarized documents using this convenient, self-service tool that also connects customers with important status updates and other critical file details. To learn more about ready2close, take a look at this overview.

Your operation’s long-term success depends on a foundation built on a fully integrated, flexible solution that enables eClosing for your company today and adapts with you as needs change, your company grows and regulations evolve. Let us show you how RamQuest’s Solutions Suite meets your eClosing needs, today and tomorrow:

eClosing with RamQuest


For more on eClosing, check out these episodes of RamQuest's podcast, hosted by Mary Schuster:

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Mary & Brooks Yeager: The Ride No One Expected to Take
In this episode, Brooks Yeager, President of RamQuest and Pavaso, shares his unique perspective on real estate closings over the past year. Until a year ago, digital closings were on a slow climb up the lift hill, gradually gaining momentum and acceptance, state by state. That pace radically changed when the COVID roller coaster propelled digital closings into a myriad of ups, downs, twists and turns. Take a front row seat as Brooks and Mary discuss how our industry rapidly incorporated new processes and technology for digital closings and how Pavaso established its place in the evolution of the digital closing movement.

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Mary & Jay Hollis: Just When You Thought You’d Heard All There Was to Hear About Digital Closings
In this episode, Mary talks to Jay Hollis, Vice President of Product Strategy with Pavaso, Inc., about achieving success with eClosing. Whether you’re just starting out or ramping up an existing eClosing segment of your business offerings, this episode will arm you with practical and actionable tips. How do you evaluate an eClosing vendor? How do you ensure you’re implementing a digital solution that makes sense for your company? What is the first step to get started eClosing? These are just a few of the questions Jay answers as he shares his expertise to help you eliminate points of frustration frequently associated with eClosings and deliver the very best digital closing experience.

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*Due to platform capabilities, state law or regulation or all, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.