In this episode of Commitment Matters, Mary speaks with Jim Kellison, Technical Talent and Resource Manager at Old Republic Title. During their conversation, Jim or Mary mentioned:

Recruiting in the title and settlement industry can be difficult because it’s hard to sell people on a field that is unknown or uncommon.

How to have difficult conversations as a recruiter.

Jim says most of the time when people leave a job, they aren’t leaving their occupation or company, they’re leaving their boss.

Jim recommends that managers avoid hiring for “culture fit,” but for accurately portraying the position and the work-life balance. Then work to find the best person for the position with a focus on candidates’ attitude and aptitude.

Here’s a list of best interview questions for recruiters. Jim says avoid questions like these.

This article details a way to answer the most common initial interview question: Tell me about yourself.

Jim emphasizes why you shouldn’t wait until the end of an interview to share pay expectations or have negotiations.

The Great Resignation is causing headaches for hiring managers, especially in the title and settlement industry. Here are some ways to adapt your recruiting and retention strategies to the current job market. Jim’s solution is to broaden the recruiting reach, even all the way down to high school students.

This quote from Richard Branson illustrates the Employee Value Proposition.

The pandemic prompted a shift in the job market; now many companies are understaffed and can’t find people to fill empty positions.

Discussing a promotion or raise can be intimidating. Here are some ways you can handle the conversation.

A survey from TriNet shows that 74% of millennials in the workplace are unaware of how they are performing on the job. Jim says the younger generations prefer more frequent feedback about their work from managers and peers.

Being a mentor or mentee has many benefits in the workplace.

Jim says 80% of people who quit their job have decided to quit within the first six months. This website offers some suggestions for employee retention.

Here are some additional retention-related statistics.

According to Jim, 50% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in the year 2000 no longer exist: this article explains why.

Jim says recruiters should encourage diversity. Race, age or gender identity is important, but don’t forget what diverse experience can add to your company.

Candidate control is about understanding candidates’ motivations.

Mary and Jim talk about the importance of doing research before every interview. Remember, this is also an interview for the recruiter!

What value do you provide for your company? Get feedback from managers and supervisors.

Overall, Jim suggests recruiters invest in the right people in the right positions within your company.

Jim suggests checking out AIHR Academy, ATAP and Human Capital Institute as some recruiting resources.

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