Because of this, to simply keep up and most certainly if you want to be competitive in this market, lenders nationwide are being forced to do the same.  But custom integrations can be costly and complicated. 

Did you know that you have an advantage today that can level this competitive playing field and put you in the same league as the big banks? As a mortgage professional using the Calyx Point Loan Origination Solution, you already have a direct connection to any title company using RamQuest's title production solution through your Closing Market connection. This connection opens the door for you to communicate and exchange data securely and seamlessly with thousands of title professionals nationwide. And, best of all, you can do this without the cost of a custom integration.

With this connection, you can expand your network of title service providers beyond just the title companies with direct Point connections; now you are connected to the entire Closing Market network of title companies at no cost to you as a Calyx Point lender or broker. You have a direct integration to a growing network of title professionals - title and settlement providers who have driven transaction volume with service providers on the Closing Market network from an average of 5,000 transactions per month in 2006 to over 200K transactions per month today. No more emailing, faxing, rekeying or copying and pasting information. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can facilitate a fast and efficient data exchange with any Closing Market enabled title company to send and receive notes, check file status or send and receive documents - all electronically and all without ever leaving Calyx Point.

It has never been easier to do business than it is today with your Calyx Point connection to Closing Market! And now, this same business can also give you a competitive advantage. These integrations, the "nice to have" connections we are talking about today, will be the standard for business tomorrow. Don't get left behind. Contact RamQuest today and let us show you how to start ordering services from any of the title and settlement providers on the Closing Market network today!

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This article originally appeared in Calyx Software News, August 2012