Lender's new responsibilities under the CFPB regulations along with the industry's focus on Best Practices puts today's title companies under much more scrutiny – and the protection of Non-public Personal Information (NPI), or Best Practice Pillar #3, is an area of particular focus. Recent security breaches at Yahoo! and Target illustrate how NPI can be compromised on a large scale, but the responsibility for protecting NPI trickles down to even the smallest title and settlement agent.

op2, RamQuest's sister company, offers a hosted environment for the RamQuest software solutions that conforms to all of the ALTA Best Practice standards for an IT environment.  It offers the highest level of security, availability and redundancy for your RamQuest software in the title and settlement industry today.

View this on-demand webinar where op2's Mary Schuster and Mike Murphy addressed ALTA's Best Practice Pillar #3 and share strategies that you can easily implement to help your title operation comply with requirements from your lenders, meet ALTA’s Best Practices and set your business up for success as the demands for these new levels of security become standard and expected practice. Complete the form below to view the on-demand webinar.