Closing Market and Complete Closing

Make It Easier For Your Customers to Do Business with You

Closing Market is the single best way to increase efficiency, streamline communication and gain a competitive edge in your business with a single digital connection housed within your RamQuest title production solution that gives your business advantages you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Using Closing Market, you can order services within a matter of seconds using our extensive network of lender, underwriter and service provider integrations. Here are just a few of the benefits to your title company when utilizing Closing Market.

  • Receive orders digitally, and in real-time, with no cost to your customers.
  • Eliminate errors and inefficiencies associated with re-keying order information.
  • Significantly speed up the ordering, processing and delivery of settlement services.
  • Digitally submit and receive data and images directly through your title production system or via the Internet.
  • Increase the speed in which you are able to order services.
  • Services and Products can be directly received into RamQuest's Complete Closing.
  • Improve service turn-around time.
  • Improve workflow by ordering title Settlement Fulfillment services directly from Complete Closing.
  • Reduce time that your staff spends responding to questions and status regarding an order.

Closing Market makes it easier for your customers to do business with you, for you to do business with your providers and, as a result, you are able to do more business and secure additional sources of revenue!

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