Calculating Aggregate Adjustment

To calculate Aggregate Adjustment:

  1. From the Section 1000 tab of the HUD, click the Aggregate Adjustment Aggregate_Adjustment_Button.jpg button.

  2. In the 1st Payment field, type the first payment due date or click the Calendar Calendar_Button.jpg button to select a date.

     The 1st Payment must be selected before continuing the aggregate adjustment calculation.

  3. In the Payment Schedule column, click the <+> sign to check the appropriate month the payments are made for each line.

  4. In the Number of Months (Cushion) field, select the number of months required for the cushion.

     The cushion amount is provided by the Lender and may not exceed 1/6 of the total escrow charges.

  5. If needed, select the Include MIP in Cushion check box to include the Mortgage Insurance Premium amount in the Cushion Amount.

  6. If needed, select the Calculate Section 1000 Months in Reserve check box to transfer the number of months in reserve to Section 1000 of the HUD.

  7. If needed, select the Apply Aggregate Amount to Seller check box to transfer the aggregate amount from the buyer to seller.

  8. Click OK to transfer the aggregate adjustment calculation to Line1011 of the HUD and close the Aggregate Adjustment screen.

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