Aggregate Adjustment Calculator

The aggregate adjustment calculator calculates the total amount to display on Line 1011 of the HUD. The aggregate adjustment is the difference between the deposit required under aggregate accounting and the sum of the deposits required under single-item accounting. The adjustment is always a negative number or zero. To calculate aggregate adjustment, see Calculating Aggregate Adjustment.



Aggregate Adjustment screen

The fields and buttons on the Aggregate Adjustment screen are described below:





Line number displaying from Section 1000 of the HUD.


Brief description of the type of charge for this line item based on entries made in Section 1000.

Payment Schedule

The months when payments are made from the escrow account for each line item.


The yearly total for each line item.

1st Payment

The first payment date for disbursing out of the escrow account.

Note:  The 1st Payment must be selected before continuing the aggregate adjustment calculation.

Monthly Payment Amount

Monthly payment amount made into the escrow account.  This amount is what the Lender collects at closing to establish the escrow account.

Note: This field is calculated and is read-only.

Number of Months (Cushion)

The number of months for the cushion the Lender requires. The choices are 1, 2 or 3 months.

Note:  The Cushion Amount may be a maximum of 1/6 of the total escrow charges.

Cushion Amount

The amount of the cushion based on the number of months selected.

Note: This field is calculated and is read-only.

Include MIP in Cushion

Select this check box to include the Mortgage Insurance Premium amount in the cushion amount.



Click this button to clear the information and return to Section 1000 of the HUD where the aggregate adjustment can be entered manually.



Click this button to accept the aggregate adjustment calculation and apply the amount to line 1011 of the HUD.



Click this button to exit the Aggregate Adjustment screen. When choosing Cancel any information entered on the Aggregate Adjustment screen is retained but the total amount is not calculated.


Print Disclosure Statement

Click Print Disclosure Statement to preview and print the Initial Escrow Disclosure Statement report. For more information, see the Initial Escrow Disclosure Statement.

Calculate Section 1000 in Months in Reserve

Select this check box to transfer the number of months in reserve to Section 1000 of the HUD.

Apply Aggregate Amount to Seller

Select this check box to transfer the aggregate amount from the buyer to the seller.


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