Socially Distant...but Technologically Together!

From social distancing to remote work to business closings, the disruptions we've seen as a result of national and state COVID-19 containment efforts are having unique and lasting impact on our industry. While we may be socially apart, we are in this together and, at RamQuest, we are here for you.

We know that technology is critical to enabling you, your business and your customers to navigate the ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis relating to real estate transactions. Following are some resources you may find useful as you navigate the continually changing reality we are facing:



In today’s ever-changing business climate, ready2close’s eSigning capability for non-notarized documents has quickly become a necessity. And, with communication and connection being more important than ever, enabling secure, self-serve access not only enhances your customers’ experience but also saves valuable time of key team members. With ready2close, at-a-glance order progress, key file details and contact information are only a mouse click away and automated email and text updates about important closing milestones ensure timely, relevant communication without continual manual intervention. Watch our on-demand ready2close overview or email our sales team for more information.



With op2, all you need is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection, and you can access your production solution anytime, anywhere, empowering your staff to work anywhere (including when sheltering in place). op2 is our hosted environment that securely powers RamQuest’s title and settlement production solution. 

op2’s main data center and secondary Disaster Recover site are both physically secure with active and passive security features including routine vulnerability testing, anti-virus protection, multiple firewalls, power sources and encryption at all levels. A highly available system with redundant data centers and systems means that you can trust that your data is backed up, replicated and fully protected as part of the op2 network. Email our sales team for more information.


Closing Market Partner Resources 

RamQuest’s Closing Market network gives you seamless, remote access to numerous services that can help you work remotely and engage with your customers. Following are some key Closing Market integrations that will help you integrate remote business processes into your operation to help ensure the safety of your employees and customers, while ensuring you can continue to service consumers:


Remote Online Notary (RON)

Pavaso - industry-leading RON capability.

See the Pavaso integration today, watch our FREE on-demand Closing Market Coffee Break webinar featuring Pavaso!

See this integration in action!

SIGNiX - the enhanced security and military-grade cryptography of a true digital closing for your title company.

Document Signing Services 

ShortTrack - integration with the industry’s most reliable e-signature software, DocuSign, so all signed documents are pushed automatically into your RamQuest production solution.

SIGNiX - the enhanced security and military-grade cryptography of a true digital closing for your title company.

See the SIGNiX integration today, watch our FREE on-demand Closing Market Coffee Break webinar featuring SIGNiX!

See this integration in action!

Wire Fraud Protection

CertifID  - wire fraud protection, guaranteeing each transaction up to $1 million. Exclusive offer for RamQuest customers: CertifID’s Fraud Protection services are free of charge through April 30th. To take advantage of this offer today sign-up here or reach out to

See the CertifID integration today, watch our FREE on-demand Closing Market Coffee Break webinar featuring CertifID!

See this integration in action!

ClosingLock - secure portal to effortlessly retrieve wire transfer instructions. 


Mobile Signing Services

OR Signing Pro - nationwide, mobile signing service.

See the OR SigningPro integration today, watch our FREE on-demand Closing Market Coffee Break webinar featuring OR SigningPro!

See this integration in action!

NotaryLoop - communicate directly with any notary signing service in the network for full collaboration and a system to system connection.

Snapdocs - empowers you to deliver perfect mobile closings.


eRecording Providers 

ePN - competitive pricing and outstanding customer support make ePN the eRecording partner of choice closing agents, lenders and law offices nationwide.

Simplifile - the nation's largest eRecording network.
        Click here to see Simplifile's most up to date recording coverage information.

CSC - a computer, scanner and an internet connection are all you need to start eRecording with CSC today.
         Click here to see CSC's most up to date recording coverage information.


Search Providers

Red Vision - technology-based and managed service solutions.

Property Info - electronic data and integrated applications you need to increase efficiency. 

TRG - helping modernize the way you work.

TitleWave - helping Agent Partners provide superior service.

Old Republic Specialized Agency Solutions - drastically reduce commitment prep time and increase backroom efficiency.

Realtor Communication

Lone Wolf - industry-exclusive integration that connects you with Realtors inside their transaction management system, supporting remote working environments by eliminating the need to walk contracts into your office.

ShortTrack - since 2016, ShortTrack's EasyOrdersTM has enabled title agents to receive title orders and documents securely from their real estate agents' software.

In addition to enabling you to work remotely, these fast, easy and secure solutions also give you distinct advantages like convenience and security to ensure that you have the tools you need for incoming order management, document signing and post-closing processes. Click here to see a complete list of Closing Market partners.  


COVID-19 Underwriter Documents

Click here to see a current list of RamQuest's COVID-19 underwriter documents and exception updates. 


Industry Resources 

The title industry is also here to help with resources that inform you about the COVID-19 crisis and how to conduct business during this time.


ALTA has created a number of resources to keep everyone in the industry updated:

ALTA's Recording Jurisdiction Tacker where you will find the most up-to-date information on recording office closures.

National Overview

All States Detail

ALTA's Coronavirus Resource Page 

October Research

RamQuest was proud to sponsor the Conducting Business in Uncertain Times webinar produced by October Research. Click here to watch this on-demand webinar where experts walk through business preparedness as the industry (and world!) changes day by day. And, see key insights to keep employees and clients safe and business thriving.


From Our Customers:

Over the last several months, our RamQuest solution has enabled us to work remotely as needed and adhere to social distancing requirements. For example with ready2close, we’re able to provide up-to-date, minute-by-minute updates to parties on a the transaction, cutting down on phone calls and emails. It enables clients to send us documents, securely and safely, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Clients can also retrieve any of the executed documents associated with their file at their convenience without the concerns that come with face-to-face interaction.
- Desiree Dyer, Texas Title


We are in love with Closing Market and all of the integrated partners! Closing Market enables us to be paperless and that has allowed us to stay on top of things for our clients during this pandemic. Our RamQuest solution also gives us the ability to enable parents to be home with their children and to keep our employees safe by giving them flexibility to work from any location.
- Sheila Kelemen, Security Title


We’ve started utilizing several eClosing integrations on RamQuest’s Closing Market network in recent months. Doing this has enabled us to continue to perform closings and service customers, ensuring that documents are signed and/or notarized without missing a beat while respecting social distancing requirements.
- Rose Moshier, ATA National Title Group