RamQuest, Inc., a recognized leader in the land title software industry, has announced the addition of Final Trac to the network of service providers on its Closing Market digital network.  RamQuest's Closing Market is an application to application interface that electronically connects business partners allowing each participant to work from within their own software.

With the Final Trac integration, RamQuest's Closing Market-enabled customers can electronically order release tracking to track the paid-off liens at the time of closing and ensure that a proper and timely release of mortgage/lien is prepared, delivered and recorded. As part of Final Trac's service, releases are verified and recorded, thereby avoiding the need to reopen a file post-closing to send out the release to the land records office.  By using Final Trac's services, customers can be assured that there is never a break in their chain of title.

"With the Final Trac service on Closing Market, customers can order release tracking with one simple button click - it really is that simple and saves so much time and they never have to think about the release again," said Linda Egan-Aparo, CEO at Final Trac. "We are also working to add curative work to our Closing Market integration.  This service will locate documents clouding your title that would be needed to make sure your closing transaction can close."

"We are excited to be able to bring Final Trac and their services to our Closing Market customers," commented RamQuest's director of internet services Brooks Yeager.  "This ianother of the many Closing Market interfaces that enable title companies to set themselves apart in their respective markets by creating competitive advantages.  By using the capability and services offered through Closing Market, title companies can more efficiently and effectively servic etheir current customers in addition to opening doors for new opportunities.

About Final Trac
Final Trac, LLC is the industry leader in title solutions, providing services in all 50 states. Final Trac was formed in 2006 in order to fulfill a need that was not being met in the transactional real estate marketplace and today is a full-service, independently owned, Connecticut-based title clearing and release/discharge tracking company.  For more information about Final Trac, visit www.finaltrac.com.

About RamQuest, Inc.
RamQuest, Inc., a Texas-based corporation founded in 1991, is the premier provider of business solutions for the Land Title Industry. RamQuest's Total Solution is both a software system and a business philosophy that reflects a progressive approach to our customer's business. The Company's products are currently in use for title closings in all 50 states.  For more information about RamQuest, visit RamQuest.com.
Closing Market is RamQuest's digital marketplace that seamlessly integrates diverse software systems and gives business partners an easy and efficient way to do business together to provide superior service to meet their customers' needs.  The Closing Market network allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required in the Real Estate Closing Process.  For more information and a complete list of all the services currently offered on Closing Market, visit ClosingMarket.com.