If we learned nothing else from the industry's recent experience with RESPA Reform, we now know with certainty that a proactive approach teamed with preparedness and education are critical to transforming this onslaught of compliance change from a necessary evil into a recipe for long-term business success. The potential results from a company applying this recipe for success is nowhere more apparent than in the RESPA experience of Colorado Escrow & Title.

Colorado Escrow & Title joined business partner RamQuest, Inc. on a path to RESPA education and readiness in the spring of 2009 with an aggressive RESPA marketing program that included RESPA community education for realtors and lenders. As a result of their proactive approach and months of planning and preparation, the company found themselves in front of hundreds of potential customers in the markets they served. Additionally, they quickly became the "go-to" on their markets for RESPA questions and, thereby, gained an even greater presence with many potential customers. And the rewards of their initiative continue to be reaped today in the form of new orders and a shift in market share.
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