FileScan Plus

Comprehensive Document Imaging and Management

FileScan Plus!™ is the document imaging and management application of the Complete Closing Suite that provides the ability to do much, much more than just scanning and storing your documents. FileScan Plus!™ will help you eliminate paper storage to be more environmentally friendly, enable you to quickly access critical information and help you organize all of your images, documents, and files in a convenient, central location.

FileScan Plus!™ offers a many features and benefits including:

  • Completely manage scanned, attached and PaperlessCloser documents.
  • Attach any type of document.
  • Automatic file management as files are attached or imported into folders.
  • Store files on an unlimited number of storage devices.
  • Microsoft SQL database structure that allows tighter integration, eases in future upgrades, and organizes data more efficiently.
  • Remote print capable and can be used in Terminal Server or Citrix network environments.
  • Drag and Drop Functionality into FileScan from Windows Explorer and most e-mail programs or out of FileScan Plus to easily distribute or save in another location.
  • Instantly publish documents to the web.
  • Mail multiple documents directly from the FileScan main interface.
  • Quickly send a user-named document package as PDF from CCE to FileScan.
  • Automatic E-mail Notification when documents are published to PaperlessCloser from File Scan Plus!
  • Keep files organized with an in-file folder system where you can create custom categories that fit your business requirements.
  • Streamline your business with a consistent naming convention.
  • Quick file identification with Buyer, Seller and Property description information that is always displayed on the File Scan Plus! title bar.

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