Complete Closing

Comprehensive Closing, Escrow Accounting and Title Production

Complete Closing Enterprise is the comprehensive closing and escrow accounting, production and automation component of the Complete Closing Suite and provides all of the tools you need for title insurance and closings. User friendly and intuitive, this program is as simple as "Point and Click". Scalability and configurability make Complete Closing adaptable to companies of all sizes. The flexibility, functionality, and capability it provides will help your business achieve improved efficiencies, better production quality, fraud protection, consistent processing, cost-effective growth and gain the competitive edge you need to continually increase efficiency and market-share.

Just a few of the features of Complete Closing include:

  • Logical and intuitive interface makes this application so easy to use that users can be proficient within two days.
  • The dynamic nature of business requires changes to be made quickly and accurately. This is why data that is entered into the program is automatically moved to all appropriate documents. Engineered into every product to promote truly seamless integration, a Single Point of Entering & Editing Data™ (SPEED) allows solution wide updates by keying information only once.
  • Completely customizable so you don't need to change your company to fit our application...enhance our solution to adapt to your business process.
  • Run company-wide, real-time reports at any time with the included report writer.
  • File, order and employee productivity tracking that enables you to effectively and accurately forecast, while understanding the strengths of your workforce.
  • Security features offer full control including the ability to isolate branch offices or fee attorneys from each other.
  • RamQuest’s smart and intuitive Closing Disclosure Form is easy to manage, easy to understand and easy to train and our unique approach also ensures that you have a Closing Disclosure that will fully support lender collaboration.
  • Workflow Dashboard allow you to manage daily workflow, files and tasks in this dynamic, real-time environment that enables customizable views, automatic and dynamic task assignment and increased productivity visibility.

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