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Be prepared for CFPB and the RESPA-TILA rule

RESPA-TILA-TALK is your open-source learning tool for all issues surrounding the RESPA-TILA rule. The intention and vision of is to create and foster a vibrant and interactive community, one that allows us to collaborate, connect, and innovate with each other! Our blog postings contain important RESPA-TILA rule analysis crafted by the leaders of our industries, and of course your return comments are always invited and welcome. 

Recorded Webinars
We invite you view the following recorded Webinar specific to the RESPA regulation.

Legislative Update: The RESPA-TILA Rule

The CFPB has issued its final RESPA-TILA rule but what does it really mean and how will this new legislation impact your business? Join RamQuest’s Mary Schuster as she takes a deep dive into the new forms issued under the CFPB’s RESPA-TILA Rule.  What exactly are these forms? Are there processes and polices that your operation will need to change to integrate these new forms? What is RamQuest doing to prepare and how will this impact your title company?  Get answers to these questions and more at this FREE informative online session. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

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