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CFPB/TRID Resources

The TRID Implementation


Industry Resources

  • Bureau Webinars - Click here to use this index and direct links to access content from the CFPB's live webinars on the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure.
  • Condensed Guide to the Forms - Click here to access this CFPB document that offers a guide to the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Forms.
  • Bureau's Clarification - Click here to see the clarification that Director Cordray issued on July, 20, 2015 describing the proper way to handle lender credits and cash to close.
  • TRID Consolidated Resources - RamQuest has compiled this set of reference materials, published by the Bureau, in order to give you a consolidated glance at some key information. To access this material, simply click here and note that items of particular interest will include:
    • Section 5 - the Small Entity Compliance Guide
    • Section 6 - a Sample Transaction Timeline
    • Section 3 - a Sample CD Form
    • Section 4 - a Sample LE Form


Click here to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from RamQuest customers about the TRID Implementation.


CDF Tips and Tricks

Click here to see some hints to help as you prepare a Closing Disclosure  Form with you RamQuest CDF solution.


Recorded Webinars
We invite you view the following recorded Webinar specific to the RESPA regulation.

Legislative Update: The RESPA-TILA Rule

The CFPB has issued its final RESPA-TILA rule but what does it really mean and how will this new legislation impact your business? Join RamQuest’s Mary Schuster as she takes a deep dive into the new forms issued under the CFPB’s RESPA-TILA Rule.  What exactly are these forms? Are there processes and polices that your operation will need to change to integrate these new forms? What is RamQuest doing to prepare and how will this impact your title company?  Get answers to these questions and more at this FREE informative online session. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

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